Mind over matter


“When a designer designs a beautiful product he had unveiled a simple truth. In short, this product of his creativeness communicates a simple message – a message that will outlast the product’s function or stability. The designer, furthermore, can then be said to have contributed something of value to his culture.” ~ Lester Beall

Earlier last night I gave a presentation on three great artists and designers one of them was Lester Beall.  The quote above by him struck me more than his art did. I am a sucker for language and words so naturally his words took a little higher priority over his art work.

The lasting effects of this quote have left me in a trance. In my head I see all this artistic greatness that my hands constantly refuse to produce. What could be so great that an entire culture would consider it valuable? Trying to communicate a single message to multiple people, have them understand it and somehow react to it has proved more challenging than is implied. Many times I wish the communication through art was as smooth sailing as non-artists make it to be.

I pray, therefore, that my mind is strong enough to take charge and command these hands, instructing them to create what it wills and imagines. A culture is in need of something that has great value.


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